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Plea For Twitterers To Give Unwanted Pennies
June 28, 2010, 3:47 pm
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Twitter and Facebook users are being urged to turn their unwanted pennies into a gift for charity.

More than £500m worth of unwanted change is lying undiscovered in British homes, according to research from micro finance charity the MicroLoan Foundation.

Cash-strapped Britons are most likely to find loose change in the bedroom, with more than £143m left in bedside tables and stashed under mattresses, it said.

The kitchen is the next place for discovering loose coppers, with an average of £108m expected to turn up.

Old clothes are another odd place to find cash – one in five of us forget to empty our pockets and more than £250,000 is left lying in old socks.

And the sofa still comes up trumps when it comes to loose change, with £2m trapped down the back of the sofa last year alone.

The MicroLoan Foundation is trying to encourage Britons to cut back on the sweets and cigarettes and give any newly found coins to charity instead.

It has launched the Pennies For Life campaign, asking for pennies to be donated through Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The charity claims the unwanted cash is enough to fund 21 million businesses in Africa.

The foundation works by giving an average of £67 to women to start their own businesses and lift themselves out of poverty.

When they pay it back – and 99% of the women do – the charity lends the money again to another group of women.

Charity founder Peter Ryan said: “We’re really excited to have developed a new a way for people to give.

“By harnessing the power of social media, we want to create a culture in which giving becomes a part of everyday life.”

“Even if only a tiny fraction of Twitter and Facebook users donate a penny each time they update their status, we can engage hundreds of thousands of people to make a massive difference for poor women and their families in Africa.”

Pennies for Life on Twitter

Twitter users can donate through the microblogging website


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